Landscape Design Centre


Landscape Design Centre

The Holland Park Garden Gallery Landscape Design Centre is fully staffed with the best design team in Ontario to help create the home garden of your dreams. Looking to start a garden but have no idea how and where to start? Our brilliant staff of experts have countless years of experience to advise you on how to build the exact garden, backyard, or front lawn that you envision. The landscape design centre offers a wide range of options, suitable for any budget or style to help create the unique and custom outdoor space of any aesthetic.

In-Store / On-Site Design Options

In-Store Design Support

Nursery Consultation

With the purchase of a $100 consultation certificate, customers receive a personalized half-hour tour with one of our expert nursery staff members. During this private consultation, your garden specialist will help advise on how to choose the right plant material, the perfect landscape decor, and anything else you desire for your home.
To take advantage of the Holland Park Garden Gallery Nursery Consultation, contact customer service to book your appointment and then fill out our Landscape Design Guide. When you come to our store, bring photos of your property to give your garden consultant to know how to plan and design your garden.

*This is a verbal consultation; quick hand sketch may be provided; not to scale.

The In-Store Sketch

An in-store pencil sketch design is the ideal option for those looking for a more in-depth consultation on how to design and plant your garden. Provide our garden specialists with detailed and clear photos of your outdoor space to give them the exact visual of what you are working with. The in-store sketch is an appointment to meet with our Landscape Designer. Print and complete a copy of our Landscape Design Guide, print pictures of your property and use them to discuss your plans with the designer. Clients are then asked to return a week later to review the proposed design sketch based on the discussion prior. This offer may include hardscaping.

On-Site Design Support

On-site Consultation

When customers find it difficult to choose the right products or make the correct decisions for their landscape projects, they seek professional advice from our certified Holland Park Garden Gallery Landscape Designer. After booking an on-site consultation, customers will receive a personal “house call” to discuss the details of your garden design plans and ideas. Our landscape designer is available to chat about plant choices, floral placement, patio decor, materials needed, and much more. Additionally, we can deliver your purchases right to your home!

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For the Landscape Contractor

Here at Holland Park Garden Gallery we are dedicated to support you the contractor in all of your landscaping and design needs. With an attractive pro-green contractor’s incentive program and early morning 7:30am pick up time, you can depend on us to keep your project running on time and on budget. You can also order all your interlock products, lighting goods, and Aquascape pond products through us. We even offer bulk material pick-up or delivery!

With award-winning landscape designers and horticulturists on staff, we can help take your projects from looking good to looking great! We can assist with anything from plant and hardscape choices, to landscape lighting and more. We can even paint your layouts based on our design, deliver your plant materials and place them on site! Just bring your measurements, pictures, and specifications to our professional designer; we can provide you with a professional drawing based on your requirements. A $90 per hour design rate applies. Or simply send in your client and we’ll take care of all the design work and related charges for you.

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Landscape Design Tips

  • Make decisions on what type of garden you want before you choose your plant varieties. For example, whether you want a low or high maintenance Mgarden, require drought tolerant plants or wish to have plants that provide winter interest. This narrows down your options and makes it easier to create the garden you desire.
  • Pay attention to the plants’ hardiness zone, the plants’ characteristics and the plants’ needs such as sun/shade requirements, soil preference and
    watering needs.
  • Experiment with different textures to add dimension and add an element of visual surprise.
  • Planting in odd numbers creates flow and balance throughout the garden.
  • The use of patterns will create a more formal garden, while the avoidance of patterns will create a natural, cottage style garden.
  • Consider microclimate before you begin landscaping. For example, if you have an area that is extremely hot, consider planting a large shade tree to cool the area or if you have a lot of wind in your backyard, consider planting a large coniferous tree to act as a wind barrier year round.

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