Tropicals & Potted Plants

Looking to escape the winter blues or gloomy Ontario weather? Create your own tropical environment with a selection of exotic plants to bring a dazzling and warm feel to your garden or indoor space. Choose from a variety of different tropical and potted plants from those that need full sun exposure (by a window, balcony, or outdoor setting), to those that can thrive in low light. Include favourites such as cacti, peace lilies, orchids, and many more one-of-kind varieties that may not be available in Dundas Ontario or its surrounding regions. The beauty of tropical plants is that they will add a splash of colour and unique textures to your garden or home.
Availability for our tropicals and potted plants at Holland Park Garden Gallery may be dependant on external factors such as season or shipping inventory. Browse through our database to find what we currently have in store or reach out to one of our garden specialists today.

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