Nursery and Perennials

At Holland Park Garden Gallery, we offer an extensive range of high-quality nursery stock for both the amateur home gardener or the commercial landscape professional. Come for a tour or a stroll through our stunning indoor nursery and see our gorgeous collection of nursery stock and perennials for yourself! With our spacious enclosed greenhouse and environmentally controlled indoor nursery area, shop in rain, snow, or shine for whatever type of plant or perennial that suits your garden best. Our huge collection includes everything from classic roses, perennials, shade/fruit trees, lush vines, astible, zebra grass, and much more stock that gets updated from season to season.

Whether your garden is wholly in the sun or mostly covered in the shade, from budding flowers to evergreen trees or shrubs, choose Holland Park Garden Gallery as your one-stop shop for everything you need for your garden. Easily get lost amongst our rows and rows of different planters, you’ll surely find something to complete your garden. With simple 4 inch starter plants to complete sets of 2 gallon starter gardens, Holland Park Garden Gallery has a plethora of options for whatever you are looking for, however large or small your budget is.

Our team of professional garden experts take their passion seriously, which is why they spend a considerable amount of time researching and scoping out different nurseries across North America to bring you the most beautiful nursery stock and perennials available.

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