Get your annuals directly from the source, when you come into Holland Park Garden Gallery in Dundas, Ontario. Our professional gardeners and growers have been cultivating and caring for seasonal plants and annuals for decades. Explore the variety of plants to enjoy all season long, to add to your home garden in our extensive selection of beautiful annuals in our greenhouses. Whether your garden is fully exposed to the sun, or partial shade and coverage, or if you simply plan on starting an indoor garden, we’ll have the perfect plants specific to your needs.

Everyone can find something that matches their style and taste with our vast collection of bedding plants, herbs, vegetable plants, and more! From small cell packs of budding annuals to larger 6 inch potted plants, to pre-finished planters, discover which types of flora are best for your garden or greenhouse. We offer the widest assortment of annuals in the regions of Dundas, Ontario for you to mix and match for a range of garden styles. Feeling overwhelmed? Our group of greenhouse experts will help you choose the best plants and flowers for your garden.

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